About Us

Pumprite Range of Transfer Pumps, Lubrication and Allied Equipment

Product Transferred:

Grease, Oil, Chemicals, Grout/Cement, Air, Water, Petroleum, Antifreeze, Hydraulic Oils, Diesel Fuel, Detergents and Allied Products.


Transfer Of Product, Lubrication Of Machinery, Greasing, Pack Setting, Rock Grouting, Washing, Fixed Systems, Mobile Systems, Drag lines etc.

Sectors Covered:

Mining Sector, Agriculture, Repair Garages, Service Stations, Municipality Maintenance, Road Maintenance, Military, Workshops, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Industry, Building Sector, Manufacturing Industry in General.

About Pumprite:

  • Established in 1978
  • Nationally recognized
  • Over 20 000 pumps sold
  • Established as the quality product in the field of Lubrication Equipment
  • Personalized attention to even the smallest requirements
  • 100% Locally manufactured in South Africa
  • Same day service
  • Spares are readily available
  • Direct from the factory to you
  • BEE Compliant

Top Quality, Cost Effective, and Available.

Quality Assurance Policy

We are committed to a policy of quality assurance and will endeavor to establish, document, communicate, understand, implement, maintain, review, and continually improve the quality policy and the quality management system throughout the organisation.

This means we will consistently supply products and services that meet their intended purpose, stated performance criteria and in conformance with the requirements of the customer.

Our quality policy is directed towards achieving the following objectives for customers measurable by exception:

  • Ensure products comply with stated specifications and performance standards.
  • Ensure products are manufactured & assembled within the agreed time or sooner.
  • Ensure capability to customize products to customers requirements if necessary.